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My name is Mike Randle and I have Big Plans... they don't always work out but it's fun to dream.

By day I work in IT and I'm married to the most brilliant wonderful woman in the world (Hi Kim). By night, I tinker, play, make stuff, break stuff, and create the occassional video - and I'm still married to the most brilliant wonderful woman in the world.

This site, along with the YouTube Channel of the same name, is dedicated to some of favorite hobbies. I have been into 3D printing for almost a decade and got into design and CAD shortly after. I focus mostly on functional prints - in particular I enjoy designing 3D printer parts. One of the sections of this site is dedicated to my '3D Printer System' which is an assortment of easy to print, easy to understand, and easy to modify parts to make it easy to build your own customized 3D printer.

In addition to 3D printing I also tinker with programmable electronics like Arduino, ESP, and Raspberry Pis. I'm also a gamer but focused more on strategy, survival, and indie games.

Besides geeky stuff I like to hike, bike, boat, scuba/snorkel, play tennis and pickleball, and play guitar and sing a bit. Be warned, some of that non-technology stuff may pop up on the page/channel from time-to-time.

So stay a while and listen, explore, and if you have questions or need advice, feel free to reach out!




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