If you have questions or suggestions this is the section for you.

Why did you do this? Do you have no life?

I've been passionately in to the 3D printing hobby for a long time and I've been creating parts and modifications for my printers pretty much since day 1. I eventually got to the point where I had designed enough 'mods' that every part of a cube-style printer could be replaced by my designs - so why not bring it all together in to a unified collection to build a printer from scratch!

This is free?

Yep. In the spirit of the 3D printing community all of these designs are given away for free. Hopefully they will inspire even better, simpler, more robust, more customizable, or just generally more cool printer designs. The only thing I require in return is attribution to the original design if you modify and improve.

How much are you getting paid for this, really?

Not a penny. I bought all of the parts and components at retail (actually some may have been Christmas/birthday gifts) with no endorsement, discount, or other vendor-related incentives. In fact, I've only recently become an Amazon affiliate so while affiliate links have been used throughout the documentation - hopefully to support additional mods and hardware - up to the point of initial publication not a penny has been generated from affiliate links. That said, most of the linked products are items that I have or am currently using and I appreciate folks that purchase using those links.

Can you support XYZ hardware?

While the printer system is very flexible there definitely are limitations. I'd be open to design modifications to support different setups or hardware configurations however, as mentioned above, this project is self funded so any significant hardware investment would have to be something I'm personally interested in.

How can I support the project?

This is a passionate hobby for me and certainly not a day-job so there are limits to the time and money I can invest. That said there are a number of ways to support these efforts. First, visibility. If you've implemented any of these components or built a complete printer for the kit please reach out and let me know! I'd love to share those projects here. Liking and subbing to my YouTube videos related to the project help generate more traffic and buzz. Second, use the affiliate links for purchases. They don't generate a lot of revenue but hopefully it will be enough to support a new hot end or some more extrusions :).

Will you print XYZ part for me? Do you sell a kit?

Generally, I prefer not to print and ship parts. I only have a few printers and they are often in flux with different upgrades and beta designs. I do not have the resources of a dedicated print farm or print-on-demand shop. I would suggest seeking out local shops to fulfill small part orders. If you plan on printing a LOT of the kit then it may be a better value to build a small, cheap i3 style printer so that you can self-source the parts for a larger printer.

That said, I get occassional requests for part printing and if there is strong demand for a full kit of printed parts I'm not opposed to the idea. There would have to be quite a bit of demand in order to make it worth the effort though.

Can I get STEP files?

Sure. They are already there on the Mock parts and happy to provide for others as well. I don't want to have to maintain both sets for all parts at this time but if you want a step for a specific part or section feel free to reach out.

Will you consult on a design? Can I run an idea past you?

Sure. As mentioned above, this is a hobby for me so I may not be able to respond quickly to all inquiries but I'm happy to help.

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