This is pre-release copy. While the design is completely functional the documentation is still a work in progress. Use at your own risk


Welcome to the main page of the Big Plans Print System. The print system is a complete DIY platform for building your own 3D printer. The goal of the system is to smartly select components that combine great value while still capable of exceptional performance - while leaving a lot of options, alternatives, and upgrades for the builder pick and choose.

The goals of the system are:

Most of the content sections work independently. If you only want to install a CoreXY gantry on your existing printer, go for it. If you want to upgrade to a three-Z-motor bed, go for it. Maybe you just want to use some of the 'mock' components to create your own parts, go for it! The exception is that the XY gantry and X carriages are pretty closely linked and you'd be hard pressed to find another carriage that works with the gantry. The only thing that I ask in return is to give attribution when you do something awesome with these parts.


  1. Printer Frame
  2. Z Gantry and Bed Platform
  3. XY Gantry
  4. X Carriage
  5. Electronics and Enclosures
  6. Accessories
  7. Firmware
  8. Mock Parts (Models of Purchasable Parts)
  9. FAQ & Contact
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