Mock Parts

It can be hard to visualize and measure items such as extrusions and plates given how complex and intricate printer construction can be. A great approach to building your printer would be to build it 'virtually' in a modeling environment like Fusion 3D. In addition, the parts in this printer system are plainly design so that they can be easily modified for new components or different setups. While you can import all of the parts designed for the system that doesn't help you calculate how long your extrusions should be or where a stepper motor might intefere with a tool mount.

In this section you'll find a set of 'mock' parts that are visually and dimensionally similar to the actual purchased part. These files are a 'step' designed to be imported and manipulated vs 'stl' designed for 3D printing. All of the screenshots on the prior pages used these models in the 'virtual construction' and display of that faux printer. The files themselves can be found here.

Extrusions and Rails:

Control Boards and Pis
Bearings, Clamps, Magnets, Stepper
Extruders, Hotends, Sensors
Full Showcase

The 'Showcase' model represents a complete printer build (minus fasteners). It may be a good starting point for your design.

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